Our Values

Our Values


ECOS has culture of intellectual freedom that promotes judicious innovation in its projects; judicious innovation is based on the thoughtful development of state-of-the-art technologies, in order to minimise risk for the Client while improving project utility.

Life-Cycle Costing

The firm applies life-cycle costing for the evaluation of viable alternatives in the design process, for the identification of the most suitable solutions. Life-cycle costing includes integration of operation and maintenance costs with investment costs, as well as valuation of the environmental and social costs where applicable.

Environmental Integration

The firm has a policy on environmental integration since 1995: projects are designed for their best possible integration into the natural and built environment. This is accomplished through appropriate project sizing, tuning of operational characteristics and selection of materials.

Aesthetic Design

The aesthetic design of infrastructure is an important element of social appreciation. ECOS places special emphasis on the aesthetic design of its projects, in terms of the relative dimensions of their elements and for the best possible integration into their environment.

Constructibility and Health & Safety Policy

The firm has a policy on health & safety in place since 2008 by which designs are vetted for constructibility, in order to ensure design applicability and the health & safety of construction workers.

Quality Management

The provision of the firm’s services is Client-driven: services are tuned to the requirements and interests of the Clients. This has earned the firm a solid reputation.

The firm has a quality management system in place since 2001 which ensures that:

  • adequate resources are allocated to each project
  • all work is fully coordinated in the firm, and
  • all work is internally reviewed before submission.

In addition to Clients, particular attention is focused on:

  • financing authorities, which determine the conditions for project implementation
  • stakeholders, which may contribute vital insight for the success of the project

Business Integrity

ECOS is committed to a the highest level of business integrity, with the adoption of the Code of Conduct of the European Federation of engineering Consultancy Associations (EFCA) and the Hellenic Association of Consulting Engineering Firms (HELLASCO).

Professional Indemnity Insurance

ECOS carries professional indemnity insurance for all  projects as per Client requirements.

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