The Company

Aim of the Firm

The triangular firm logo refers to the three elements of success:

  • The aspiration of technical excellence we spare no effort in achieving the highest standards of technical excellence, with the application of state-of-the-art technologies enhanced by judicious innovation and supported by life-cycle costing of project alternatives. Attention is given to detail, in order to ensure the best possible implementation of the services provided.
  • Efficiency and effectiveness in the provision of its services the company aims to provide its services in the best interests of its Clients these include cost-efficiency of the services provided and flexibility of scope and content of our services according to the project needs. In providing our services, advice is offered to Clients on environmental, social, financial or temporal implications of alternative policies.
  • Environmental social sensitivity the success or failure of projects depends on their environmental and social acceptability. Integration in the natural environment constitutes a major challenge of design, with implications in the size, shape and materials used and the operational characteristics planned for. Also, the design of projects taking into account the local social sensitivities en-hances their acceptability and effectiveness this is supplemented by a structured dialogue with the project stakeholders where possible.
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