Infrastructure Development

Services for infrastructure development concern water-related infrastructure and marine works, namely:

  • Dams and related structures
  • Water treatment plants and water supply
  • Sewage collection treatment & disposal
  • Storm water drainage and irrigation networks
  • River regulation and flood control
  • Ports, marinas and fishing harbours
  • Coastline protection

The services offered include:

Design Services

  • Masterplan studies
  • Feasibility and financial studies
  • Preliminary and final design
  • Tender documents

Technical Assistance

  • Project management (financing, scheduling, permitting)
  • Supervision of construction
  • Public procurement & PPP project setup

ECOS brings detailed engineering experience to bear in the design of its projects and the preparation of construction tender documents. Moreover, its project management and project construction supervision activities has brought in valuable experience in design and tender preparation.

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